The opening night of the year!

“Reflection” is the most soul stirring and artful performance. It is the most sensuous and elegant, and at the same time mysterious and exciting musical performance.

Is it possible to unfold the whole epoch in one theatrical performance? Golden epoch of Hollywood with its magnetic image, elegant style and mysterious gloss…

Is it possible to see the diva’s life of 20th – 50th years of the 20th century in one performance as in reflection?
Musical performance “Reflection” is a true life and vivid story about real life of actress…


On April 27, 2017, Moscow premier of the musical performance “Reflection” will take place in “Gradsky Hall” (directed by Inna Abramova: participant of the13th International theatre festival “Zolotoy Vityaz”; Prize winner in the “Giving light” nomination for theatrical performance “Cry of poet”; Winner of the 10th International Shakespeare festival; winner of the ”Public recognition” prize).

Elena Romanova, bright actress, pop and jazz singer, is performer of a leading role in the musical performance “Reflection”. She will play collective image of actress of 20th – 50th years (Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn). Elena Romanova is one of the leading and talented vocalists of the Alexandr Gradsky Theatre, finalist of the "Voice 4" vocal TV show (Channel 1 project) and many other international projects.

During two-hour fascinating musical back in time journey we will see emotional sides of actress, who needs to transform from one image into another all the time. From day to day she does it in spite of emotional fatigue, inner loneliness and unbearable pace of life. Scene is her drug, which takes up everything in her life to the very last drop. But without scene life of creative person is meaningless.  

Creative union of orchestra musicians, arrangers and performer of the leading role opens new forms of sound of popular musical compositions by Hollywood divas, such as «Moon River», «La Vie en Rose», «Minnie the moocher» and others.

The main heroine of the musical performance “Reflection” does not copy, but returns us to the stars of a bygone epoch with its original view. Musical creativity of these great people still has been living in hearts and souls of millions of people, making us empathize and create again and again.

Charming Elena Romanova, brilliant actor Denis Nekrasov, outstanding National Russian Ballet "Vozrozhdenie", captivating voices of Stanislav Obukhov and Mikhail Ozerov, unforgettable dance solo of Alexei Kichikov and Alexei Savichev, extravagant jazz pianist Elina Kani and, of course, great Gradsky theatre orchestra invite you to make a wonderful back in time journey together.

«All genius lies in experience of the past – everything that was created good and witty many years ago, can be actual today again and again».

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