“Autumn Marathon” be the Voice in the Gradsky Hall

Alexander Gradsky surprised the country one more time. He became the only sponsor of the famous program “The Voice”. He kept his armchair during four seasons. The tradition of the active cooperation between the tutor and fosterling was also saved. The tutor gathered all his pupils in the newly opened theatre “The Gradsky Hall”. There they have an opportunity to improve their vocal and artistic skills. Moreover they can sharpen the gathered skills on the stage. “The Gradsky Hall” group headed by the Master actively brings up the future of our stage.

The brightest representatives of the program “The Voice” introduce the pallet of the musical characters and styles during the concerts “The Autumn Marathon”. There represented a lot of different styles from the classical music up to the rock music, there also included pop music and the author compositions. All the participants was developed and grown up in the art laboratory of Alexander Gradsky.

Every performance is unique. There will be solo performances of the winner and top-rated participants of the first and third seasons of the most popular Russian program Diana Garipova and Alexandra Vorobiova. There will be also collective performances using unique styles by Elena Minina, Mikhail Ozerov, Elena Romanova, Andrey Lefler, Polina Konkina, Stanislav Obukhov and Valentina Biryukova. The concert devoted to Vladimir Vysotsky will be performed there at a wish of Maestro. The “European Songs” performance will be opened by Alla Reed and special quests and Honored Artist of USSR Iosif Kobzon.

The performances of the concert were created and deeply organized by the Maestro. The sound, light, costumes, every movement and intonation was evaluated by the Maestro. It is the quality label. As well as every spectator has special musical preferences, the creative team of the Gradsky theatre is formed out of the bright characters that are ready to meet all the requirements of the most fastidious taste of the guests on the evening.

The participants: Stanislav Obukhov, Elena Romanova, Elena Minina, Andrey Lefler, Mikhail Ozerov.
 Involving the leading singers of “The Gradsky Hall”


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